Our lives have never been easier. We have so much technology now that it’s almost impossible to go without using a device. They are literally  in every part of our lives school, job, and at home. You will probably never here someone say,” I don’t know how to spell a word let me grab a dictionary” while they still exist nobody will honestly use them. We can always Google it if you don’t know something. Life is becoming more virtual and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We can get work done a lot more efficiently and at the touch of a button. The only thing I see wrong is we are becoming very dependent on technology. Some people can’t last a day without their phone so think if a disaster happened. Nuclear plants are destroyed by Natural/human causes and power goes out for a long period of time. What then? Some people would have no idea what to do. Now don’t get me wrong I like technology as much as the next guy and I’m definitely not suggesting we ditch it all together. But maybe the next time you forget how to spell a word, dust off the ‘ol dictionary and see if you still remember how to use one.


Making Amends

The close of 2014 was probably full of excitement. Among other festivities you might have made New Year Resolutions or at least some resolve to be better this year. Then what? You go through the whole year again making mistakes as expected only to go through the long list of all the things you’re doing wrong again and again and again. Now don’t take what I’m saying as you shouldn’t try to improve your behavior but there is a better way to go about it. Instead of going through a whole year to check your behavior, you should do it consistently because we are all human and shouldn’t expect to fit a whole year of our mistakes into one sitting. There has to be a more day to day reflection on our actions so we have a manageable list of things we want to improve about ourselves.

Name or Excuse?

I myself a teen want to say something about teenage life. Now, I’m not going to give you one of those “nobody-understands-me-struggling-to-find-my-true-self” articles that you normally hear. I’m actually turning the tables from, “adults need to try understand us better” to “we need to own up to our actions”. Let me ask you, how many times have you heard, “Hmm teenagers, am I right?” What is this referring to? It is generally concerning someone between the ages of thirteen and nineteen that has just done something disrespectful. But not only that, they were just excused by a simple, “Hmm teenagers, am I right?” Think about that. They just got away with trouble because of a popular phrase. This is not right. Did you ever consider that sometimes we do bad things because we are just bad by nature and not because of “hormones” etc? You have let the younger generation think that what we do is excused because of our age. Now I’m not trying to push our behaviour on you, if that is what you’re thinking. We greedily take the title “Teenagers” because it’s our “get out of jail free card”. My point is, we will get better if we own up to our actions and not accept the name society labels us. Adults can help by not excusing our misbehaviour with a phrase or name. We are young men and women and need to act as such.

Line of Duty

Matthew and his squad were only about two months out of basic training and were anything but ready, but they always say you’re never ready when you hit the field. Things were getting tense in Iraq and all available squads were needed. During the ride he concentrated to tune out the dual chop of the helicopter and his squad’s nervous chatter, he had to be ready.

When they hit the ground everything became chaos. Things went into a blur yelling, screaming and gunfire was all he was aware of. Suddenly his senses became sharp when a cry went up, “Alex is hit!” Matthew’s instincts took over…He dodged, dove, and slid to where Alex was writhing with pain, blood oozing from his side. As he hauled him up Alex groaned but there was no time for second guessing now.  A bird was coming down for the wounded, and to his relief he made it in time to unload Alex and jump back into the fight. A blunt pain went through his back like he was punched. The world turned sideways, everyone around him was shouting but they made no noise. His vision blurred, but that didn’t matter, Alex was safe and had a chance to go back home alive……………black.


You scowl and curse, scorn and put down. It makes you feel tough to glare at others and the clothes that they wear.You call yourself “rebellious” , but what does that mean? Because no one conforms, they all break the rules. You all act so “bad” but you’re all the same. You want to be different, don’t want to be mundane? Act less hurtful don’t be so mean. Here’s how to be a real rebel…Build people up…Not put them to shame.

You Like Reading, Here’s Why.

A lot of people like to say,”I’m just not the reading type”. Let me be the first to tell you you’re wrong.

You probably like reading and don’t even know it. You just need to find the right book. I know what you’re thinking,

“Reading is boring, he just doesn’t get it.” But let me ask you this, do you enjoy movies and videogames? Well if you said yes to any of these, you’re a reader. Want to know why? Plot line. The reason you enjoy movies/videogames is because there is a story to it.

The story is what makes them great. You got a great story, and you get a great game or movie. So try reading, get your nose out of your computer and read. (Including the one you’re using to read this important information)